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Phyllida Swift, CEO of FEI

“Many of the negative experiences faced by someone with a facial disfigurement are a result of unwitting, well-intentioned awkwardness around difference. Others are outright cases of discrimination. All of which require a drastic drive for greater education across key sectors and communities who can all help us to make face equality a reality.”

About Face Equality International

The mission of Face Equality International (FEI) is to mobilize the many groups and organizations, big and small, national and international, which support and represent people with facial differences and disfigurements and thereby to create the critical mass and solidarity needed to gain global attention for the campaign for face equality. The alliance acts as a powerful, collective voice for those affected by facial differences.

Face Equality International was created by Dr. James Partridge OBE, founder of Changing Faces UK, with the support of nine founding members. The alliance was launched in November 2018 and now has thirty world-wide members. Most member NGOs are condition-specific (i.e., for people with clefts, burns, craniofacial conditions, psoriasis, and other conditions) and their members have very different medical and surgical needs and treatments. But their members also face very similar psychological, cultural, and social barriers to living fulfilling lives. Face Equality International advocates for people who have any condition which can affect their face – such as those which affect faces only like cleft lips and palates or facial paralysis and those that affect faces and bodies like scars, vitiligo, and alopecia.

FEI has member organizations in the following countries:

● Australia

● Belgium

● Canada

● Czech Republic

● France

● Italy

● Nepal

● Nicaragua

● South Africa

● South Korea

● Switzerland

● Taiwan

● Turkey

● The Netherlands


● UK

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