I can't thank you enough for meeting with me - it felt so good speaking to you and feeling justified in terms of "I don't know what the hell I'm doing!" You've shown me that this is possible indeed and inspired me. I know that it's important for me to just be there for Kim (my lovely boyfriend) even if I know nothing about the medical stuff! I saw Denis yesterday and thanked him profusely for introducing us. I also want to be able to, in turn, help where I can. Please keep that in mind.


It's amazing to find that there is a support network around and I look forward to meeting online ... I think it will be on 13-Oct? Nice, the day after my birthday :-)


I'd love to meet again when you're in the area. Depending on my own personal circumstances I may be going back to Bermuda towards the end of October so I may miss you on the 29-Oct. However phone, email and Zoom should do the trick.


Thanks again Diana and talk soon,

Whether it’s a one-on-one meeting, a telephone call, or the monthly group peer support meetings with Burn Survivors further along in their rehabilitation process, Burn Survivors of New England’s (BSONE) provides a sense of hope, inspiration, and direction to Burn Survivors in their acute stages of recovery as well as their long term care. 


Peer Support point of contact is a powerful environment. It is composed of individuals who share a common condition or circumstance by burn injury. It’s one burn survivor helping another get through the roller coaster of burn trauma. The purpose of peer support is focused on providing mentoring, emotional, social support, information, and practical help to each other. Peer Support also supports caregivers and family members of Burn Survivors. 


Peer Support is facilitated by non-clinical, non medical professionals. Facilitators have made adequate progress in their own recovery, been carefully screened, and have specific training, guidance, and supervision in facilitating peer led private or group environments. Our Peer Supporters have been certified by Phoenix Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (PSOAR)... a medically recognized program by the hospitals that participate in the PSOAR Program in the New England Area.

Methods of Peer Support

  • In-Person in-patient or out-patient

  • Zoom video conferencing

  • Telephone

  • Peer support group

 Learn more about BSONE Support Programs

 Contact BSONE to discuss what type of peer support will work well for you


Virtual Group Support


Every 2nd Tuesday of the month Burn Survivors and their family members, caregivers, clinicians, and first responders are encouraged to attend our support group Zoom meeting. We share tips and ideas on long-term recovery, updates and participation on burn research, and stories that inspire. You can simply listen, join the conversation, or ask questions.   


Join Zoom Meeting:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81411271940 

Meeting ID: 814 1127 1940

Individual Impatient

We offer individual inpatient support for both burn survivors and their families at our partner hospitals - Spaulding, MGH, Brigham and Women's in the Boston area, as well as RI/Hasbro in Providence, RI. Caregivers are welcome to contact us to schedule a virtual inpatient meet.

Individual  Outpatient

If you know of a burn survivor or

a family member of a burn survivor in need of support,

please contact us


Diana Tenney  diana@bsone.onmicrosoft.com



George Pessotti



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Are You Interested in Becoming a Peer Supporter?

 If you are one year out from the date of your burn trauma and are interested in helping other burn survivors through their recovery, please contact us for information in becoming a certified PSOAR peer supporter.