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Dennis Costin, a seasoned veteran in the field of fire service, concluded his distinguished career as the District Fire Chief for Special Operations Hazmat/WMD at the renowned Boston Fire Department. With an impressive tenure of 41 years in the department, he has exemplified exceptional leadership and expertise in dealing with critical situations. In addition to his commendable professional achievements, Dennis has extended his knowledge and experience to the academic realm, serving as an esteemed faculty member, teaching Counter Terrorism at LSU. Furthermore, he actively contributes to the community in various capacities, serving as the President of the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation, where he passionately advocates for the welfare of burn survivors and their families. Additionally, he serves as a dedicated board member of Burn Survivors of New England, working towards enhancing safety and emergency response initiatives in the region. Dennis Costin's unwavering commitment to public service and his multifaceted contributions continue to make a lasting impact in the field of emergency response and community welfare. Dennis cherishes a fulfilling personal life. He is happily married and is a proud parent to four children, as well as a doting grandparent to four grandchildren.

Dennis Costin

President of the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation

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