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Dr. Kazis is a professor of Health, Law, Policy and Management at the Boston University School of Public Health. He was previously director of Functional Status for the Veterans Health Administration and principal investigator of the Veterans Health Study. Dr. Kazis has developed broadly used health outcomes surveys including the MOS SF-36 and the Veterans RAND 36 and 12 item health surveys (VR-36 and VR-12). In addition, he is the principal developer of the LIBRE Profile, a burn-specific instrument that measures social participation for burn survivors in the community, which he and Dr. Jeffery Schneider are using in a project.  Other projects include a collaboration with Dr. Joseph Giacino to develop a computer adaptive test to identify barriers to successful community integration and participation after traumatic brain injury (PCAT), and partnering with Dr. J. Andrew Taylor to use novel digital phenotyping data in spinal cord injury projects.

Lewis Kazis

Director of Research

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