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Live Your Best Life

Massage and Burn Scar Therapy

Regardless of an ability to pay, MABSTF has trained and certified massage therapists help burn survivors through

  • Burn Scar Therapy

  • Myofascial Scar Release

  • Manual Lymph Drainage

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Therapeutic Massage


All providers are following safe Covid protocols.​

Find the closest Massage Therapist and call to arrange an appointment:

Self Care video link

Find Out How Physical Activity can help you in Your Burn Recover

Movement and Meditation At Home

Join Lloyd Hawthorn for this movement class rooted in the mindfulness and intentions of yoga

designed for the Adaptive community and people of all physical abilities. Lloyd grew up in and

around the coastal areas of the beautiful South Pacific island nation of New Zealand. 

He is passionate about connecting with his students, spreading his love for yoga and

helping others in their journey by sharing his journey.

You and he will find fun and challenging ways to move our bodies through familiar and not so

familiar yoga poses. You will be encouraged to try new things, that’s how we grow and learn.

Each class will finish with a relaxing and releasing guided meditation.

Please bring whatever you need to make your practice more comfortable - a chair, straps

(belt or towel), blocks (stack of books), bolsters (pillows, cushions, blankets).


BSONE and BH-BIMS have partnered with Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers to continue to host

this group and open it to a larger community!

Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers (SASC) are open to all individuals in the community who are living with disabilities. Children and adults participate in a variety of sports and recreation events alongside adaptive sports professionals and Spaulding therapists. This provides the perfect environment to try new sports or get back to one you have always enjoyed.

Every Tuesday, from 4:00-5:00 PM this class is offered through Zoom. The link to register for this

class and other activities can be found on the Spaulding Adaptive Sports Website here:


SUICIDE HOTLINE 800-273-8255


Resource Numbers
1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Vets4Warriors: 1-885-838-8255


Find a Mental Health Counselor

Our first suggestion is that you call your Burn Unit and ask for suggestions or ask to speak to the burn psychiatrist.


​Social Work Referral Network

Call us and leave call-back information on our voice-mail. A social worker will help you define your counseling needs and answer your questions about counseling and how to choose a therapist. 617-720-2828 or toll free 800-242-9794

We ask about your preferences, including location and insurance or fee requirements and anything else that would make it a good match. We suggest clinical social workers who best match your needs and goals-and we tell you about their training and experience. We will continue to work with you until you find the right therapist.

Psychology Today – Internet Search

You can search for therapists by location, issues(such as depression), age, treatment modality(such as CBT) and health insurance.

Help Pro

Use this online tool to find a therapist in Massachusetts.


Primary Care Physician

Ask your primary care physician for a referral to a counselor.​

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